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FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 3:00am EST
. >> it brings up an important point. why don't we have the technology to know it is come ?g why don't we have the tech tholing -- technology to know we have a meteor defense system to bomb it before it gets here? we have the technology we need. we have iphones, and we have every angle of that thing hitting earth, and it looked awesome. what is the problem? >> a thousand people got hurt. >> all right, no one died so what is the problem? >> a russian politician claims that this actually wasn't a meteor. he says it was, quote, a new weapon by the americans. should we go with that? it makes us kind of cool. >> that or the north koreans. in the same way we had a missal defense shield under ronald reagan. >> there is a difference and i am not aware of when it is. one involves morgan freeman. >> one involves bruce willis. >> looking scared. asteroids are bigger than meteors. they are now saying this was as i said to joe although he disagrees that this was a small asteroid, but they are saying it could be a large meteor roid. they are not entirely positive. >> asteroids require preparation h. >>
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 8:00pm PST
don't have a lot of time to get into it, but we have to use technology. there's some wonderful ways we can use that. virtual classrooms, it can help us enormously. i'm working on that project with something in baltimore right now. >> of your scholarship fund. >> carson's everyone get involved. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> that is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. with will see you back >>> welcome to "red eye." i am greg gutfeld. let's go to tv's andy levy. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. toy guns, evil or super evil. the new york times wants to know. the fate of the union, is it strong? or more importantly the union of the snake, is it on the climb? this is cnn. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> what was your favorite grammy moment? >> i would say right around probably like 11:30 or so when the closing credits ran. >> very good. >> the levon helm thing i thought was very good. >> i don't care. >> chris brown losing to frank ocean was amazing. >> let's
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort ... individualized. right now, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our limited edition bed-plus special offers through monday. involve two males? well, wildlife experts have been accused of ignoring gay animals in his bbc documentary. this critic sex homosexuality is in pretty much every species, a fact that attenburrow refuses to acknowledge. they claim that attenburrow describes male chimps hugging as friendly affection. they are circling each other as aggressive. these programs are highly regarded and educational, but they should be offering different interpretations of animal behavior. i say these to the police officers every friday night. it is an alternative behavior. can i have my pants back? discuss. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnndddd. lightning round. >> liz, does this bother you that they are ignoring the gay animal k
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)